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Window Cleaning

For a business to succeed they must have a clear vision. Starting with clean, clear windows is the first step to looking out into the world.

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Building Maintenance

Protecting your building against the harsh weather conditions. We provide painting, waterproofing and other maintenance and repair services.

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It is easy when you know you have made the right choice. Contact us so we can help you and your business needs.

Who are Sheer Access?

We don’t just clean windows, we open your eyes to the world around you.

Sheer access are the HIGH RISE WINDOW CLEANING SPECIALISTS when it comes to cleaning the external windows on your building. Gaining access to the external windows can sometimes be a challenge, with new architectual designs that wow us with their beauty, size and innovative designs. We love a challenge, our aim is to provide you with a service that guarantees customer satisfaction. You can feel comfortable that you have made the right choice choosing Sheer access, knowing that you have chosen a specialist in this area will give you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly, on time and satisfaction is guaranteed. Let us brighten up your business, let in the sun light to provide you, your clients and visitors a fresh new out look on the world, motivating and inspiring all who come in contact with your business.

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