Two Chinese Window Cleaners Killed

Two window cleaners from China have been killed whislt carrying out work on the side of a building in Xian,  The Huashang Daily reports.

The men were part of a team of 12 workers cleaning the external windows of the Greenland Centre, a 270-metre high commercial building.  It is believed that the weather had changed unexpectedly, a huge gust of wind blew the two men away from the structure and then slamming them back into the building.

You can read the full story here.

Two window cleaners die in China, after huge winds take their lives. Photo:SCMP Pictures

It was earlier this year that 2 men narrowly survived a similiar incident whilst cleaning windows in a swing stage.  The crazy, heart stopping footage that was shared around the world.



Rope access can be the safest of industries when we plan and take into account the potential risks that can occur.  If it doesn’t feel safe, then re-assess.

Stay safe guys and girls