May 14, 2015

Window Cleaning Brisbane

What Does Your Building Say About You?

How Clean Windows Can Brighten Brisbane Business Prospects.

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High-rise window cleaning at it’s best.

Clean windows are a reflection of a business’s professionalism, cleanliness, attention to detail and organisation; essentially windows are a glance into the business’s heart and soul.  It can also boost consumer confidence.

Clean windows inside and out can increase sales and clientele because they have the unique ability to create both a first and second impression. They emit more light and brighten spirits and help create a positive perspective. Customers feel more comfortable in a cleaner environment and relaxed customers tend to have high spending.  Window shoppers can get a better view and are more likely to enter a business because of an item that caught their eye.

Clean windows boost employee morale, as employees who work in clean surroundings are more pleasant, productive and proud of their environment and are more likely to emit those feelings to their customers.  Productive employees mean higher sales and better customer service. Good customer service means more repeat business.

Newly constructed buildings benefit from having clean windows as it lets potential customers know that they are open for business. Advertisements and sales flyers can be more easily seen. Dirty windows indicate, and are often associated with, a failing or closed down business, and nothing dampens the appetite like dirt, grime, bird feces, dust, and fingerprints.

High rise buildings

For proper window maintenance, it is recommended that routine window cleaning and inspections are carried out regularly each year. This prevents windows from becoming cloudy and permanently brittle.  Brittle windows are more likely to shatter, so having routine inspections will prolong the life of the windows, which in turn saves money on prematurely replacing environmentally damaged windows.

There are many reasons for a business to have a window cleaning company maintain their windows;  Increased employee morale and productivity, competitive edge, increased sales and repeat business, greater attraction for new customers, and saving money.  What other reasons do you need?

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